Efraim & Associates, Inc. is experienced in managing & implementing every phase of your construction project. From conceptual drawings to the last detail, it is our goal to provide you with quality construction services in the following areas:

  • Ground Up Construction
  • Concrete Tilt up Buildings
  • Building Remodeling / Renovation
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Construction Management
  • Design - Build Services (see bottom of page for more details)
  • Concrete and Foundation systems
  • Seismic Retrofits
  • Site Work
  • Landscape and Hardscape

The following are the components and procedures we implement for each clients project:

Cost Estimating / Bidding

Our estimating, scheduling and budgeting experience are the foundation of our pre construction services. Our competitive project database can produce fast, accurate estimates starting with even the most restrictive preliminary information. Estimating and budgeting are key considerations when making decisions about the scope and cost of a project. During preconstruction, we can draw on our experiences and database of construction projects to provide you with construction feasibility and cost analysis. In the construction phase of a project, we solicit multiple bids from pre-qualified subcontractors and suppliers to ensure thorough and competitive pricing.

Value Engineering / Cost Benefit Analysis

Our value-engineering services result in savings without compromising quality, function or aesthetics. This analysis is imperative during the design phase and can continue throughout construction. Our value engineering services, which draw on our completed project experience and historical database, allow you to evaluate your choices against real-life situations rather than theoretical models. You make informed decisions about the cost versus the benefit of comparable designs, features and components. Value analysis- another way Efraim & Associates delivers value from start to finish.


The construction schedule will incorporate not only all of the construction related activities and logic necessary to build the project, but also integrate your critical milestones, work schedules and any requirements that could effect the progress of the job. The analysis that goes into the development of this schedule will reflect the most effective and economic approach for your project, and enable the project team to work as efficiently and productively as possible.


Our team has years of combined experience in various types of building projects. This result is a company that can provide unique capabilities and expertise. Our goal is to build quality into all of our projects and strong relationships with every client. Some of the tasks that are part of that process are:

  • Clarifying plans and specifications with the Architect before the job begins
  • Clarification of each subcontractor’s scope and timely performance
  • Field Design support to overcome any plan short-falls
  • Construction Progress Meetings
  • Control of all project costs and accountability
  • We assure our clients that their jobsite will be kept clean, orderly and safe

Project Management

Effective project management relies on effective communication among all parties-owner, general contractor, architect, subcontractors and suppliers. We establish responsibilities as well as lines of communication as part of the project management process and make sure everyone stays in the loop.

Cost control and efficiency rank high on every client's priority list. We manage costs with an effective program that evaluates costs against budget and provides comparative analysis of alternative building designs and systems.


Prior to awarding contracts for each scope, subcontractors are pre-qualified to assure that they posses similar project experience. In addition, the performance of each subcontractors work is supervised by our own staff to assure that the project remains on track with the schedule. If critical issues arise, they are quickly resolved.

Our completed projects are a testament to the knowledge of our employees and quality of our craftsmanship. Given our knowledge, experience and extensive range of services, Efraim & Associates, Inc. is an excellent choice for your next construction project.

Advantages of Design - Build

As Design Builders, Efraim & Associates plays an integral role in the architectural planning as well as following through with the actual construction. We become involved during early planning phases of your project. This allows us to plan more realistic budgets and schedules during the initial stages. The Design/Build process allows all parties to collaboratively participate in problem solving early in the design phase of the project and provides a single source of responsibility. This assures time and money saved and reduces risks during the construction process.

When the architect and builder work together from the beginning, the owner receives the most-efficiently constructed building, without the problems that can arise when the contractor’s input is not incorporated in the design. Under our design-build services we can deliver a building project faster, at a lower cost and with less risk to our client. These benefits, as well as reduced owner's liability for design, and continuous analyses of constructability, budget and schedule, make design-build an ideal method for many projects.